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Why My Family Chose Applecross

Many of my clients have asked me, "Why Applecross?"   Here’s my family's story…

Anyone who has been to the area knows that Chester County is a wonderful place to live.  My wife, Meg, and I were both lucky to have grown up here and later chose to raise our family here in Downingtown because of all it has to offer.  We lived in West Brandywine Twp. when we first got married, we moved to East Caln Twp. after the birth of our second child and finally relocated the family a third time, after our third child was born.  I got word of the proposed Applecross CC neighborhood back in 2004, but didn't seriously consider it until late 2006.

Once I had the details about Applecross, the decision to move our family there was a no-brainer!  We loved the home we lived in AND the neighborhood, but we were unable to deny the draw to live in a community which had so many ammenities and activities in direct conjunction with our new home. Click here to see Amenities

We were sold on the idea of the country club lifestyle!  We were excited to get the process started, but I had to consult some real estate issues.  I did massive amounts of research on Pulte Homes, to assure the builder would be a good fit for us.  I also made sure the plans were concrete with the township and the builder so we wouldn't have the chance of the neighborhood NOT finishing.

Our final decision has been so great for us!  We have not only been able to create our dream home from scratch, we have found a solid and lasting community for our family to grow and thrive in!

From the time we moved onto Hockley Drive (somewhat secluded from the movement surrounding the welcome center, fitness facility and pools), we knew we made the right decision.  We were the first of 4 homes on the street's cul-de-sac and we were anxious to meet our new neighbors.  Luckily we were blown away with the comfort we quickly felt on the street and in the community.  Pulte hosted several community functions which allowed us to meet and greet all the new families.  Talk about chemistry.  It was fantastic!  A diverse group of neighbors all sharing the same hopes and ideas about the community lifestyle.

Ultimately, many friends of ours trusted our judgement about the value of Applecross and I was able to sell them their dream houses too.

It was then that I realized the possibilities of my career flurishing in Applecross as well.  I decided to build my business in the area where I was most familiar, my home's community.  I have a very personal stake in the happiness and comfort of all the homeowner's here in Applecross!  Many are friends and some are family, but they are all my neighbors.  I am easily able to pop over to discuss home related issues, as well as meetings with construction, sales agents, and operations personell.  This allows me to more efficiently build knowledge about the community's projects, thereby making my buyers and sellers more informed!

Applecross CC is located in beautiful area of Chester County, PA, both known for its historic beauty and heritage and for being a convenient proximity for commuters to many different metro areas including Philadelpia, Baltimore, New York and Wilmington and provides many economic opportunities. To read all about Chester County, please click this!

Having lived in Downingtown all my life, so I am extremely knowlegeable on the area.  To better suit my clients, I have been working for the past 12 years in Chester County to form strong relationships with fellow realtors, economic lenders and service providers of every kind. This made Applecross even more appealing to do business in!

As financial times have changed, so have our needs as a family.  We have relocated three times in the past 11 years in Chester County before finding our dream home and community in Applecross.  In my line of work, I get to investigate many different neighborhoods and communities from the time they are announced.  When Pulte Homes began planning and advertizing Applecross, it peaked my attention for being the first of its kind in Chester County.  Introduced as a large, planned community of different sized homes in many different price ranges, Pulte also planned a recreational community to encompass all homeowners.  The golf course planning was exciting both because it would serve to improve the land value of E. Brandywine Twp. and preserve open space.

The sense of neighbor and neighborhood are extremely strong here.  While each family has their own private space, we all share the applecross connection.  Each homeowner has the same rights and expectations, while belonging to the "social club".  Homeowner's pay a fee which automatically makes them a member of the fitness center and pools.  (Golf memberships are subject to additional fees and responsibilities.)

Homeowners are regularly invited to social events and functions by the social commitee.  We are also invited to take place in Talamore CC's programs/events and special sporting clinics.  While the level of involvement is up to us, Applecross CC has made it possible to live where we play!

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