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Do I really need a Realtor?

Why do you need a Realtor? How do I find the right Realtor?

These are all frequently asked questions...and important ones.  It's obvious that anyone with fingers can surf the internet to see what homes are available in a particular area!  Don't be fooled into thinking you should do any more than that without representation by a trusted, QUALITY SERVICE CERTIFIED professional Realtor. 

Commonly, home buyers assume they don't need the help of a Realtor because they know what they want and how much they can afford to spend.  WRONG! Those are only two of the many questions and concerns that buyers have! Here are a few more things about Realtors:

  • Realtors help you understand difficult terminology that home builders use to "trip you up". 
  • Realtors assist and put you in contact with reputable mortgage and loan officers who will make sure you get your loan in a timely manner.
  • Realtors are the "real face" of home sale transactions. They are there when you have any questions about inspections, problems, concerns, mortgage rates, market values, pricing and pretty much anything else you may need! 
  • Realtors stand up for YOUR interests and make sure you are truly getting all that you think you are!  They work on YOUR behalf!  They don't get paid unless you are satisfied!
  • Realtors get paid by home builders and home sellers.  That money is not available as a credit if you don't bring a realtor with you.

Only you can decide if you would rather have a Realtor representing your interests.  Buying a NEW home is not as simple as picking up your favorite can of soup from the market.  It requires the culmination of many different factors and the successful negotiation of terms.  A Realtor is trained to tell you when and what to do next!

Simply put, we highly recommend that you take as much care hiring a real estate agent as you would for any other professional. Ask questions. Ask about education, experience, dedication and focus.

FYI for New Construction Home Sales:

Bring your Realtor with you BEFORE you visit the new construction site.  Once you've seen the home without your Realtor, there is little that can be done on your behalf if you decide to buy in that community!  Most will not honor your Realtor after their sales associate has shown the site to you.  It's like sky diving without your parachute!

New construction companies typically build a 1-3% price increase into the price of your new home.  This money is reserved for Real Estate Broker payment after the complete transaction of a home sale.  Some people believe that if you purchase the home on your own, you will be able to get this money for yourself.  But, in reality, the builder just keeps that money for themselves and all the while you have nobody looking out for your needs and concerns!

Most home shoppers believe they are going to get the best deal if they buy on their own. This just isn't true. If you are buying a $300,000 home, you pay $300,000 whether or not you are represented by a Real Estate Agent! When you buy on your own, the Builder keeps the commission allowance and you receive nothing!


In today's ever-changing real estate market, home buyers require many tools and resources to find their family's dream home. When you request your Free Home Buying Guide, you benefit from receiving a comprehensive resource to help you locate the home that best fits your family's needs!

Why do you need a Realtor?

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